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Jason Bubb

Head Coach / Owner

Jason, 32, has been into fitness for over a decade. The father of 2, In high school he played hockey for Freeport High School and Pittsburgh Vipers.  After high school, he took up powerlifting for 4+ years. He has Squated 579, benched 368 and Deadlifted 572. Totalling at 1507 in a drug tested federation. After Jason reached his goal of totalling over 1500 pounds, He found that he could be strong and move quickly in the sport of CrossFit. Weightlifting was obviously a favorite of his. Now has become a well rounded athlete. Coach Jason has also attended Jon North Level 1 Weightlifting Seminar.

Casie Cygan

CF-L1 Coach

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Ryan Williams

CF-L1 Coach, DVRT Level II & PCC

Growing up, I was always active and played sports, with track being my primary focus. I participated as a sprinter/hurdler through college. After college I traded running for lifting weights while maintaining an active lifestyle. 

About 7 years ago I rediscovered my love for running and started training for marathons and long distance trail races. Three years ago, while teaching group classes, I discovered Crossfit and began working out with the classes that shared space with the facility I worked for. Once I saw how Crossfit improved my running and work capacity I was hooked. Taking the Level One was the next logical step in my education and development as a trainer/coach.

Amy Bateman

CF-L1 Coach

I was a runner throughout adulthood and always enjoyed physical activity such as skiing and swimming, and even at work generally favored being physical, preferably outdoors.  I began doing CrossFit in 2013 with my daughter, Mallory, also a coach at CrossFit Saxonburg. Our previous affiliate had closed and when CrossFit Saxonburg opened we were anxious to check it out.   Both of us were very happy to get back to CrossFit and were thrilled to find a home at this affiliate and an immediate connection to the gym family here at CrossFit Saxonburg, where we have been since March 2017.
It has long been a goal of mine to earn my Level I certificate and to begin coaching, and at CrossFit Saxonburg I have found the support and opportunity to do so.  I love the fact that CrossFit is truly for everyone. I enjoy coaching because sharing what CrossFit really is means helping others learn to move naturally and effectively, helping athletes to identify and achieve their individual personal goals, and it truly inspires me when athletes of every level of ability realize that they really are athletes.  
At 51 years old, the mother of three adult children, I feel better than I ever have and CrossFit has helped me to overcome limitations due to previous injuries, etc.  I love the CrossFit philosophy, the varied programming and how I am able to build strength and stamina simultaneously, becoming a well-rounded, athlete. It is amazing to see the changes in physical and mental power in our athletes (myself included) as we continue to grow in strength and ability, and to witness the bond that forms between athletes as we support and encourage one another every day.

Brittany Meade


CF-L1 (2016)

Bachelor’s Degree: Human Development, Nutrition, Personal Training, Coaching

USAHL – Certified Level 2 Hockey


U18- USA Women’s Ice Hockey team

National Champion – Plattsburgh State University

College 2nd Team All-American- Ice Hockey

I grew up in a small town in the Adirondacks, Saranac Lake, New York.  All through Grade school I was a three-sport athlete, playing Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Softball.  I played on numerous different competitive AA travel hockey teams and soccer teams through my high school career.  This past summer in 2018, I was inducted into my high school hall of fame for all three sports.

 When I was 17, I played for the U18 National Women’s Ice Hockey team for a year prior to going to college.  I attended Plattsburgh State from 2007-2012 (5-year program), and played hockey for the Number 1 ranked team in the nation, as well as, soccer. We won a National Championship in 2007-2008 where I was named 2nd Team All-American my freshman year.  I graduated college in 2012, Majoring in Human Development with a focus on Nutrition, Personal Training and Coaching.

I went on to live the next 5 years in New York City, where I found the Elite Asphalt Green Sports complex where I was the head soccer coach to three Elite kids teams from ages 6-16, Head SAQ coach (Speed, Agility, Quickness) for the program, as well as, the sports coordinator for the soccer programs.  

It is in NYC where I found CrossFit.  I had been rehabbing a torn patella tendon and broken knee cap and underwent 4 different surgeries throughout the next 3 years and was told I wouldn’t be able to do all of the things I loved anymore; sports related.  I didn’t accept that conclusion to my athletic career. In 2015 I was told I should try CrossFit, so I did. I completely fell in love with the sport: the competitive, and supportive community that I joined. It reminded me of the rush I got playing college sports.  Not only was I enjoying it, it was rehabbing my leg. The pain I lived with for most of three years, was now gone, I was FUNCTIONAL again. In 2016 I received my L1 in Miami, prior to moving to Pennsylvania. I have been a CrossFit coach ever since, as well as, a coach for the Penguins Elite Ice Hockey Program and I work in Marketing at Prudential Financial.  

CF-L1 Coach

Mallory Bateman

(724) 393-0201

155 N Isabella St. Saxonburg, PA 16056